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Drainage & Water Reports

Residential Drainage and Water Search Report
In 2002, The Law Society launched the Drainage and Water Search (CON29DW) with the aim of providing a standard form of drainage enquiry for use in property conveyancing. The CON29DW was designed to highlight potential issues with public sewers and water networks that serve the property which could lead to maintenance costs or could have an impact on the property value. 
The Law Society recommends that a CON29DW Drainage and Water Search is carried out on all property transactions. 
The search covers a comprehensive list of the issues and related details, these include: - services for which the property is connected, the charging basis for services, contact details for the sewerage and water billing provider(s), meter location(s) (if applicable), adoption agreements, building over consents, sewers within the boundary and within 100 feet, low water pressure, internal flooding from overloaded public sewers, nearest public sewage treatment works, and water quality. A copy of the public sewer and water maps are also included in each search report. 

Commercial Drainage and Water Search Report
Commercial Drainage and Water Search Reports include all the details included in the Residential Drainage and Water Search Report, (shown above) together with details of easements, wayleaves, information on the depths, sizes and material of water company assets, information regarding trade effluent and the location, Section 104 adoption agreements and the quantity and serial numbers of any meters serving the premises.